This book explodes all the fundamental inefficiencies inherent to the entire way wealth is created and maintained in this country while examining the psychological implications of scarcity and the startling differences between the rich and the poor.


Written from the perspective of a former Merrill and Morgan advisor, “Broke, Broken,” confronts those traditional dichotomies in clever, new ways, before making a full pivot and painstakingly detailing an array of exciting opportunities in the world of financial technology and beyond. Start investing in yourself and learn how to trade, save, plan, and budget like a Wall Street pro! 


  • Learn the basics of Investing, Retirement, and College Planning.
  • Create a Zero Balance Budget where every dollar is working hard.
  • Save and Invest by employing the latest Fintech.
  • Transition from “Broke, Broken” to Empowered!

Broke, Broken: What College Doesn't Teach You About Money by Pedro M. Frias

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