How to increase your income over the long run..........

We all know cashflow is king.....

Cost of living is increasing year over year while our earnings is staying flat:

Politicians scream income inequality every day on the campaign trail but have ZERO solutions on how to solve the problem other than raising taxes on the wealthy or lowering taxes for the top earners.

Bottom line is you need to be proactive and take control over the financial circumstances for you and your family.

By the time politicians come up with a solution most likely we will have another economic crash or contraction.

Washington DC has failed to solve most our financial issues: RETIREMENT CRISIS, HEALTHCARE CRISIS, STUDENT LOAN DEBT CRISIS, and INCOME INEQUALITY.

When I realized that no one was coming to save me and that I was going to have to take the necessary steps to increase my earnings over the long run I started getting traction.

Do not let friends or family members tell you that you are stuck and cannot make it out. THEY ARE WRONG.

There are no shortcut solutions but if you do invest and do the right things over the long run you have the ability to succeed.

Here are three ways to increase your income:

1. Get Retrained or Specialize

There are a number of technology bootcamps, finance workshops or courses online that give you the ability to specialize in high paying role

2. Do Freelance Work

If you are a graphic designer, sales professional, marketer, psychologist, ...etc there are a number of high paying freelancing opportunities out there that I actually use frequently for my projects. One of them is

3. Get a Degree

It still pays to have a diploma especially if you are in an industry that respects credentialism but the most important factors are to get the right degree, keep debt to an absolute minimum, and get apprenticeships while in the university. Be cautious of degrees that have low earning power or that may be lost to automation.


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