How I increased my credit score from 550-770

From the ages of 18-24 I TOTALLY ruined my credit.

Had zero knowledge on how the credit system works and I defaulted on a ton of maxed out credit cards, student loans, ....etc

We go to school for things like History, Science, Chemistry, &

Mathematics but you leave knowing NOTHING about personal finance & you’re not alone.

A recent study by LendingTree conducted with more than 1,000 people found that 37 percent of people agreed with the statement, “I have no idea how my credit score is determined.”

So you are NOT alone.......

Below is a quick snapshot on how your credit score is being calculated:

The QUICKEST ways to increase your credit score are:

1. Pay Down Your Balance on Credit Cards (Credit Utilization)

2. Increase your credit limit

3. Negotiate outstanding balances


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