Teach Your Kids The Importance of Financial Literacy!
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Owning Change
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Teach Your Kids The Importance of Financial Literacy

Discover How to Engage Children from An Early Age

Teach Them The Necessity Of Money

Transition from “Broke, Broken” to Empowered!

Owning Change was written to teach kids the importance of Money Management and Savings .......

The lovely interactive book is filled with pictures that are both beautiful and interactive, so your kids will guarantee to love it! 

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Follow Claudia on her amazing adventures as she teaches your kids the importance of Financial Literacy!

Here are some of the features of this amazing book for kids on financial literacy:

  • What is money and why is money management a useful skill

  • What is the secret to earning and saving a lot of money

  • How to set and achieve all of your goals

  • The importance of developing positive habits and working hard

  • Discover various useful financial terms

  • and much more!

Are you ready to take the extra step, and provide the best for your children?

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Discover How To Enagage Your Kids From An Early Age, And Teach Them The Necessity Of Money!