Pedro M. Frias- Founder & CEO

Pedro M. Frias is the founder and CEO of Blacklyst, and former financial adviser for Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.

By age 20, after flunking out of college multiple times, he defaulted on over $20,000 in student loan debt and was being sued by the US government. 

In lieu of his situation, Frias did not fold. He was determined to finance his education on his own despite the doubt and uncertainty that surrounded him and used it to fuel him, making a series of tough decisions that turned his life around.

Originally from Worcester, Massachusetts and fluent in both English and Spanish, Frias is the son of blue-collar, working-class parents who immigrated to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic with hopes of realizing the American dream. 


Returning to his studies with a dedicated spirit, Frias graduated cum laude with a degree in finance.


Following his service with Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch, Frias secured numerous roles in the Bay Area with tech giants such as Google before founding his firm; entrusted to plan events for high-profile clientele.


Frias’ quest serves those of a similar background. Those who are searching for the answers to climb their way out of seemingly challenging positions for an opportunity to bounce back—often lacking the access to resources that the wealthy enjoy. 


Pedro Frias has placed the information he has learned into a digestible format, dedicated to those feeling broken and broken, as he once did.


In sharing these tools, it is his hope that it will uplift your spirit and light the path of your wealth defining journey.